What We Do

We offer pipe in a wide range of metals, including brass, copper, copper nickel (Cu-Ni), aluminum, cast and ductile iron, as well as alloys. Steel pipe is available in black and galvanized carbon steel, stainless and sanitary stainless steel. We also offer a full line of plastic pipe including PVC, DWV, and CPVC. All pipe can be custom cut with beveled, grooved, threaded, or saw cut end finishes.

We provide a wide variety of valves, including ball, butterfly, gates, globes, and checks for industries such as petro-chem, industrial, maintenance industries, and marine. We stock only the highest quality valves from top name manufacturers from producers such as Jomar, Apollo, Red-White, Titan and many more.

We can provide fittings in plastics such as PVC and CPVC, or in metals including brass, copper, copper nickel (Cu-Ni), aluminum, cast iron, and alloys. Pipe fittings are also available in a range of steels, including various forged steels, stainless, and carbon steel.